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Trevon Branch Leadership Academies in Maryland AND CALIFORNIA

We teach leadership through group activities and engineering. Children build models of cities and learn to work in groups. Everybody gets a chance to lead others and practice public speaking skills.

Trevon Engineering and Civil Leadership Classes of Maryland are FREE. Through a Government Grant, we can offer a unique STEM opportunity to young teenagers across Maryland. Our pupils construct and engineer a miniaturized replica of a functioning city. This year’s project involves a mockup of key government buildings. In particular, we try to create a metropolis whereby our hospital system and affiliated health care workers function together to keep us all protected. This is especially timely considering the recent health care crisis that involves the covid19 pandemic.

 This creative exercise includes many different health emergencies and teaches pupils how to our health care hierarchy functions to save lives. The learning process takes place within within the walls of the imitation city.  Our autonomous robotic first responders are programmed to guarantee that injured or sickly patients are transported to the appropriate emergency services. Summer participants study the differences between private, public and non-profit hospital systems. We explain how insurance works. We teach them about the very important rights granted to each and every patient. We explain private insurance plans and public insurance programs. We teach the roles and responsibilities of various members of the healthcare team. We teach the importance of  HIPAA.

We create a number of scenarios in which people are experiencing hardship and we ask our participants to imagine that they are caseworkers whose only interest is to help the patients find the best recourses they can. They learn how to advocate for patients and speak to other leaders within the community. Key to the Trevon Branch Leadership Platform is the ability to create realistic opportunities for role play. Our students are placed at the center of a difficult situation where they need to use a number of different skills to bring people together.


Nonverbal communication




public speaking




social networking


Trust in employees


video production